The shop as window to the world.

Products are ordered everywhere - the shop as day-to-day business!

Everyone's buying. You just need to find what you're looking for. Online shops aren't static entities. Online shops have to be grafically designed - when customers find the product, they need to feel comfortable.

TIP: customers love fast delivery. Quote 3 or 4 days, and deliver in 1 or 2! A positive rating is assured.

Online: www.ritschi-design.at

From Offline-Shop to Online-Shop

Extend business by capturing new markets.

This sales revolution via the internet has only just begun. Every year there is a 2 digit percent growth! easyLOOP can testify to online shop statistics. But there is more scope.

TIP: satisfied customers  leave satisfied ratings for more and more satisfied customers. Use the domino effect for  commercial success. 

Example: www.vitaaktiva.at

Skis, ski boots, ski poles, ski bindings....

A ski shop goes online.

A ski shop is mainly active in winter? Wrong. Ski and other sports products are researched and bought online the whole year round. Use the off-peak season to open new markets.

TIP: Online-Shops have no waiting time. No traffic, car parking or waiting for the right customer consultant. A clear advantage for an online shop.

Example: www.sportlich.tirol


No time to go to the city.

24/7 shopping - sitting down!

Online shopping is normal for gamers. Good shops provide information fast. Not only for customers.

Internet trading allows shop operators to provide customers with targeted information. Statistics show which products are popular. An optimal guideline for product selection for online shops.

Example for hard and software: www.gaming24.at

The internet wine shop

Order wine online.

Complete shop hosting and targeted shop support. Intensive search machine optimizing and constant adjustment of adwords. easyLOOP was recommended to Vinovit 5 years ago.

Customers find the right product fast. Shopping cart, registration, choice of payment and postage are easy and fall within legal boundaries.

See: www.vinovit.de

Felt hats - modern and classic

Duel language online shop with an individual design

In an online shop all products can be viewed without stress. No hustle and bustle - and is open 24 hours.  

TIP: The handling and organisation of an online shop can be learned quickly. easyLOOP trains customers to successfully run a shop and provides permanent support.  

Example: www.burmenta.com